You understand all too well the effort that goes into creating a successful business, so it should come as no surprise that a successful transition – whether selling all or part of your business or passing it on to an heir – requires substantial work as well.

During this significant emotional and financial event, it’s imperative to have someone by your side, carefully reviewing the porn games deal and keeping your best interests in mind as you cede control of something you’ve tended to for years.

We factor in how the proceeds will fit into your overall financial and retirement income plans, in the most tax-efficient ways possible, and work with you to properly value your business, create a succession plan designed to maximize its financial potential and address the details essential to all parties concerned.

Working alongside other providers such as your tax professional and attorney, we develop a comprehensive picture – legal, structural, operational and financial – of your business. Together, we ensure your interests are well represented as you transition out of your business and move on to the next stage of your life.


Regardless of how you are passing on your business, you may need at least two to three years to fully prepare it for new leadership, if you’re not planning to continue in a leadership role. We understand that there are many moving parts to a business deal and can provide you with the experience and guidance to ensure things go as smoothly- and profitably- as possible.


Whether you’ve decided it’s time for a full or partial sale or are merely starting the search for the successor of your business, we help you take the steps necessary to determine who you would feel comfortable taking on the business and when.


We understand that financing details are crucial when it’s time to transition out of your business, particularly if you’re looking for the proceeds to provide added cash flow in retirement. When it’s time, we work with you, the buyer and your team to reach an equitable deal that everyone can agree on.