As a woman, you face unique financial challenges such as the gender pay gap, shorter salary arcs, longer life spans, the possibility of extended time away from your career and the effects of marriage, divorce and/or outliving your partner.

How you plan for and approach these personal financial experiences is imperative and our expertise in guiding and educating our clients with the latest market-research and insights ensure you’re as knowledgeable and involved as possible when it comes to managing your personal finances and wealth.

We understand the financial opportunities and pitfalls for women and provide the attention and answers you need to make the smartest, most pragmatic financial decisions about your investments and your estate, with curated investment options including values-based and impact investing and investing in female owned-and operated entities and businesses.

And as your life changes, we’ll be here to help you realign and move forward with a gender-specific financial strategy tailor-made to meet both your current and future needs.